Hello, My name is [トライアンフ(=TRIUMPH)] . I live in Japan.


I went to PokemonCafe in TOKYO on 2018.05.12

I heard that Pokemon is very famous all over the world. I saw many people from overseas.


But…..There is a sad problem.

PokemonCafe has a English menu , of course. But, The staff can’t Speak English well,,, Then,I saw some Troubled tourists from overseas.


I thought that I want them to enjoy without feeling the wall of words.

Is there anything I can do to help a little bit?

Then, I try to write a PokemonCafeGuide for a people from overseas “by Japanese Fun!!”

※I can manage to write English,,,, Perhaps, There are many many mistakes….Please pardon my poor English.


Required Reservation

PokemonCafe is Required Reservation Certainly from Web.

Please access Offical site [https://www.pokemoncenter-online.com/cafe/]

Reservation is Upper right.

I found a English site that write a way to reservate.   Please, ask for Google.


for “席の予約をする”

pokemoncafe has 4 type seats. (A~D)

D seat is for single person seat.

A~C seat is for Group.

Difference between A~C is In-Store location only.  There is only a slight difference,I think.

If I’m forced to say, if you get Aseat, you can see Pikachu nearest!!

And, you might be able to touch Pikachu!

(also, Dseat is same )


for “グッズをえらぶ”

This Goods are not sell in store.

If you want this , You have to Choose in this time.

Then, when you get on the seat , they are placed on the desk in a bag♪



In PokemonCafe, you can stay 90 minutes.

If it is within this time, you can order any number of times.

And, Shooting is available inside the store!! Please enjoy to walk around the store.

But, Please be careful. Japanese Poeple is very shy….

Do not point the camera to people. Do not get too close to the seat where there are people.

If you want take picture with PokemonGoods and you, says “Camera,ONEGAISIMASU”.

But, You Can’t take picture of  Pikachu and You.  (Only Pikachu is OK.)


By the way, Pikachu visit Bseat and Cseat First.

After When, he(she?) walk for Dseat. But he is slow…..

There is Step, he try to go up. Please cheering!!


take out GOODS

”ピカチュウのよくばりプレート ピカチュウプレート付”

”ピカチュウラテ (HOT or ICE)マグカップ付き” can take-away the plate or cup. It become Souvenir.

But It doesn’t mean Eaten dishes. When you paying, you can get a new one.









By triumph


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